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Saturday, February 18, 2006

In the Belly of the GBBC Beast #3

After a morning of stripping floors in my new house, I'm back on the job...answering GBBC emails and keeping my finger on the pulse of the continent's bird life. Its pretty heady stuff!

Cornell folks worked hard yesterday to fix the server caching problems that were giving us trouble, so everything seems to be working better now on the GBBC website. As of an hour ago, we had 6413 checklists submitted--up 6% from this time last year, but only 78% of the number reported by this time in 2000. So, we're doing OK, but would love to see more checklists coming in.

Getting reports of bad weather across the country. Texans are complaining about a little cold and rain. Good thing they aren't in Wisconsin, where temperatures are below zero and people are being urged to stay indoors. Good thing temperatures in the Upper Midwest are supposed to climb up above zero tomorrow!

As of 3pm today, here are the states and provinces submitting the most checklists:
1 New York --397
2 North Carolina --365
3 Pennsylvania --354
3 Texas --354
5 Virginia --346

Here are the states reporting the most species:
1 Texas --269
2 California --219
3 Florida --189
4 Arizona --166
5 Georgia --153

And here are the localities reporting the most checklists:
1 Charlotte, North Carolina --46
2 Richmond, Virginia --34
3 Raleigh, North Carolina --33
4 Ithaca, New York --24
5 Santa Fe, New Mexico --23

But you don't have to be in the Belly of the GBBC to get this info, just check out the current status reports online here.

Now that I'm caught up on answering emails, its about time to start crunching some numbers, and to start rounding up reports of species not reported yet. We've got a long way to go to get all the species we need, and the number of checklists we want. So, go out and see some birds, and report them to the GBBC here!

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