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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hither and yawn

Birding has been a bit slow lately, though I've had some fun watching mockingbirds in my small backyard. Someday someone really has to figure out why they repeatedly raise their wings when they are on the ground (more speculation here). On my way to work this morning I stopped by Pine Run and saw 7 Bobolinks and a couple of Eastern Meadowlarks. This remains the only place I see these birds around here. There was also a male Belted Kingfisher on the lake there--the first one I've seen in months. Kingfishers often go silent during the summer when they are nesting. Glad to have them noisily out and about again.

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Well, I am not quite certain what is going on with the birds and me these days, but for some reason they seem to be coming around lately. Interesting the things one sees when not busy bringing home the bacon 24/7.

I was surfing through my 10 channels this evening and happened upon "The Power of Art" on Public Television which this evening was dedicated to Audobon. Fascinating man, fascinating life. I'm haven't been much of a bird person throughout my life, but it was awesome to view Audobon's evolution as a painter and how the birds came to life as he developed as an artist. LOVE IT. I will pull out my "Art Book" and take a look at Audobon for art's sake, and perhaps learn a little about the his subjects vicariously.

And, about that heron -- I haven't forgotten -- I just have to find the photo and get it posted on my blog. He has a long history with my family and it's time he got a little press.

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