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Friday, May 23, 2008

Falling off the wagon

I've pretty much fallen off the birding wagon this week. I've done just the minimum to get my Bird RDA driving to work most days, and taken a couple walks at work, but haven't updated my BIGBY list or submitted anything to eBird. I've picked up Eastern Wood-Pewee (at work) and Willow Flycatcher (on my walk this morning) as new BIGBY birds, and a couple other new county year birds, but I've just been kind of tired and not in a really birdy mood. This morning I just went down to the creek and sat for awhile--a badly needed mental health break. A kingfisher flew by, and that's where I heard the Willow Flycatcher. I'm sure I got my 20 species Bird RDA, but I haven't gone to eBird yet to do the tally.

Maybe I'll do that now. Or maybe I'll just take a nap!


Anonymous said...

I also just got my first Pewee yesterday and still waiting for my Willow!

Stratoz said...

interesting posts here. I tumbled off the wagon 9 years ago when I started gardening at home and work... I guess it satisfied my need to be outside where in the past going out to see birds was needed. Not that I don't still find joy in what comes my way.

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