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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BBC Twitching Documentary

Now on YouTube. Enjoy watching birders watching birds!


Anonymous said...

"i am the judge, jury and executioner" - only in your mind Lee, only in your world....

Anonymous said...

This documentary is a nice commentary on the worst aspects of birding. Very fairly done. Listing obsession is really a perversion of birding. Lee seems clearly mentally ill and Gary is neglecting his family horribly and engaged in escapism -- which he has a habit of judging by his former hobbies.
The listing, obsessively seeing the rarest birds of the decade, that is absurd and has so little to do with real field ornithology. I personally would much prefer a trip to the west to see Mountain Bluebirds in their native habitat, observing their behavior and ecology, to having a lone one, lost, out of habitat, and close to death appear in Virginia for my VA list! I stopped listing when I got over 400 birds for North America, I still love birding. It helps your motivation in the early stages of birding, but is foolish beyond that, especially if you are buying tickets to Attu hoping to see eurasian rarities within "north amerca" as defined by the ABA, LOL. Go to Europe instead! Same goes for the Rio Grande and Mexico.

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