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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

birds and bed bugs

Is there a connection between birds and bed bugs? Check out my short article here. While the connection between birds and bed bugs shouldn't be on the top of your worry list, the likelihood of having a problem with bird bugs, while still tiny, is a possibility if you have birds nesting on your house.


Paul said...

Yuck! bedbugs are disgusting. I dealt with them and they were very tough to battle. I had some good luck with these guys, they were very professional and handled the situation without using any non-toxic chemicals.

bed bug extermination said...

Great post. In my opinion, this can be possible. Birds and bats are carriers of a bug that's in the same family as bed bugs.

Alta Peng said...

I can tolerate the thought of birds nesting on my house, but there’s no way I could put up with bed bugs. Those creepy crawlies are not only disgusting, they would suck on your blood, leaving nasty marks on skin. That being said, I say bed bugs are on top of my hunt list. – Alta @ Liberty Pest

Catherine Aird said...

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Jenny Hayes said...

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