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Friday, August 12, 2011

How Long Do House Sparrows Live?

This morning while watching my House Sparrow nursery out back, I noticed the young out in the open on my patio. They are sort of watching the sky, but not really. More focused on their own little activities--crushing seeds, pecking at stuff, chasing each other, etc. Made me wonder how well these little guys survive.

The answer--not so well. According to Lowther & Cink (2006) only 20% of young House Sparrows survive their first year. So, if those young sparrows don't look like they are all that careful, guess what, they probably aren't! If they can make it through their first year, adult sparrows have a 57% chance of making it through the next year.

It's tough being a baby sparrow, though they don't look too worried about it!


Unknown said...

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it presents a different bird species everyday!

Chatterbirds said...

Yes, that would explain the careless behavior shown by young House Sparrows!

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