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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Audubon Bird Clock

Here's the dirty little secret in the bird marketing world--real birders HATE the Audubon Singing Bird Clock. You know, the one with a different bird picture marking each hour and that gives that bird's call when the clock strikes that bird's hour. At $19.95 its a not an expensive gift, and its an all time best-seller in the bird merchandizing world. And maybe that's the problem with the clock--many birders just find too many incongruities between the worlds of birds and marketing. No offense to the clock people, many birders feel the same way about bird mugs, dishrags, or pillowcases. There's a wide divide between bird people and bird mug people.

But maybe there's a way beyond this impasse. What I propose is a new singing bird clock. Instead of featuring real birds at each hour, it should have beloved pop culture birds in their place. Since they aren't real birds, they won't annoy real birders. And since most cartoon birds are more popular than real birds, this clock would be a guaranteed best seller. Here's your million dollar idea for the day!

The new "oughta been" singing bird clock could feature the following birds and their calls:

1--Donald Duck saying "Mickey Mouse" from the Mickey Mouse Club song.
2--Big Bird saying "Snuffy, Snuffy...where are you?"
3--Tweety Bird saying "I tot I taw a putty tat!"
4--Foghorn Leghorn saying "I do say..."
5--Daffy Duck saying "Despicable"
6--The Roadrunner saying "bbbbbbbppppttt"
7--Heckle and Jeckle (for the old-timers) saying "Hey, Old Featherhead"
8--Iago (from Disney's Aladdin, for the younger kids) saying "Look at this. I'm so ticked off that I'm molting"
9--Alan-a-dale the rooster from Disney's Robin Hood singing "dododododododododo, dodododododo"
10--Zazu from Disney's The Lion King saying "Not so fast!"
11--Toucan Sam saying "Follow your nose, it always knows!"
12--Woody Woodpecker and his famous laugh

C'mon, it made you laugh, right? You even followed a link or two. You'd buy this clock for someone, right? And its totally inoffensive. Who can get upset at the marketing of pop icons? No real nature to despoil or prostitute there! Even hard-core birders have a soft spot for some of these beloved characters. I'm telling you its a winner. Look for it in stores by Christmas!


Nuthatch said...

I just dusted mine off -- again -- to try to get rid of it at the annual garage sale.

Anonymous said...

You're right I do hate (well maybe just really disdain) the Bird clock. A lot of the calls don't even sound very real...though a friend of mine claims that a female Oriole kept on attacking the window next the clock every time the clock Oriole sang.

birdchick said...

Dude, you don't speak for all birders--I love my bird mugs, can't get enough of them.

As for the clock, those were popular with the bird feeding set not so much the hardcore birders. When I worked at a bird store, my customers loved 'em! Although, we didn't sell the Audubon version, we sold the Feldstein, which apart from the morning dove wasn't too bad.

Ubet said...

Birdchick mugging for birds. Surprised?

Patrick Belardo said...

I think I had the version that Birdchick mentioned. My g/f hung it in her music classroom at her school. It drove us nuts here after a while.

sarala said...

I like the modified clock. I enjoy some bird merchandise but wouldn't go for the original clock either. I don't think I pass as a "real" birder either.

Birdfreak said...

Most birders may not want to admitt having one, but I'll bet they do! Ours doesn't match up the birds with the correct song, maybe it is a fake!

Anonymous said...

You dont speak for me neither.
I like it because most guests
arent birders, and this gives me
an opportunity to talk about birds,
and the differences between what
the bird clock offers vs. real world.
But bad pub isnt all bad. The clock
I really liked was the Game Bird clock, but I can't find any.

Anonymous said...

Love my bird clock! It gives pleasure every hour, while I think your merchandising gimmick has no merit. Please enjoy your tiny world of pop culture and don't assume my link to nature is boring.

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