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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poodle vs. Bird Poo

Got a great question today by email:

The front yard of our house slopes gently down to a small pond. Every year around this time we get three or four nesting pairs of Canada geese, then later another 40 to 60 geese show up to party for the summer. We don't mind seeing them on water or on the other three sides of the pond -- we just don't want to them on our lawn because they chew the sod and poo all over our driveway. We have two giant poodles that are trained to drive them back into the pond whenever they see them, but then they eat the goose poo which caused them to vomit. I'd like to find an inexpensive way to encourage the little vandals to stay on their side of the shoreline without interfering with mowing of our grass.

Canada geese problems are nothing new. But poo eating poodles. That's a new one for me!


Unknown said...

Probably easier to train the Poo Pooldes not to eat that! than to train the geese... That's Hillarious!

Jen Sanford said...

Haha I had to laugh at this! My dog won't eat goose poop but man does he love to roll in it... Not sure which is worse.

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