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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wilson's Snipe

Wilson's Snipe, Clinton, Hunterdon, NJ 12 March 2014
Spring is finally in the air, with warm temps and rain.  Today was the first day in a month and a half that I didn't have to step in snow or ice to get to my car.  Waterfowl are moving through, and today I saw my first Wilson's Snipe of the season--as well as my first Wood Duck and Eastern Phoebe of 2014.  Birding has been slow, but now starting to pick up.

Blogging remains slow.  As with most long term bloggers, I've sagged a bit, and most of my sharing lately has been on Facebook.  I am working on some book reviews, and other posts, so see you again soon :-)

Friday, March 07, 2014

Spring 2014 ESU Ethnographic Expeditions

This semester my students at East Stroudsburg University will be getting to know 100 traditional and indigenous cultures around the world.  We will be exploring their environment, world views, connections to nature (including birds, of course), foods, and cultural survival.  Here are the cultures we will be connecting with.  Please feel free to visit the blogs where each student is posting their explorations, and if you have contacts or resources that can help them, please contact them directly on their blogs to let them know.

Update (1 May 20014): Most explorers have their blogs created, but a few haven't posted anything yet.  Most should be completed by the beginning of next week.  A sample blogs with a lot of content include the Basque blog.

Expedition Team 1: Europe

Expedition Team 2: Russia & Central Asia 

Expedition Team 3: Middle East & North Africa

Expedition Team 4: Sub-Saharan Africa

Expedition Team 5: US & Canada

Expedition Team 6: Latin America & Caribbean

Expedition Team 8: South Asia

Expedition Team 9: Southeast Asia

Expedition Team 10: Oceania
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