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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Crazy Travel Schedule

OK, I'm gonna be on the road a lot coming up here shortly.

This weekend I'm off to Las Cruces, NM to give a couple talks to the statewide organic farmers conference.

Week after downtown Philadelphia all weekend for a Landmark Education course.

Following week a couple days out at Asilomar for the Audubon California chapter assembly.

Two weeks later down to Florida for the Audubon Florida Academy.

Then off to Germany for a month with the kids.

Back to the States in late April and then down to Austin in May for commencement.

Then in early June off to Alaska for an Audubon Odyssey cruise of the inland passage.

That's as far out as I've booked so far, but looking at July trip to Utah and who knows what else!

So, if you're out where I'm gonna be, give me a holler and maybe we can connect for some birding! And if you have a little extra sanity you could spare, send it my way. Its gonna be crazy!

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