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Friday, February 13, 2009

GBBC--Day 1

Spent most of the day on computer...putting up ads online for the GBBC, reviewing photos, blogging on the GBBC blog, checking the latest stats. We're a bit behind where we were last year as far as submissions go--the first time we've seen a drop in the past 5 years. Not sure what to make of all that. Hopefully we'll find a way through that!

Fun to see the photos that are coming in, we'll have a bunch more uploaded onto the photo gallery tomorrow. I haven't checked yet to see what birds we are missing, since its still pretty early in the count.

This afternoon I took my kids out to do a count at Peace Valley. We had a great time. The best time we've had together in months. You can't buy that kind of family time!

Praying for this thing to go viral and to really see a bump in participation. Looking at the participant survey results we've got so far, seems like lots of new participants. But I'm gonna go crazy tonight trying to figure out what's up with the drop in participation!

So, the short of it is, tell everyone you know about the Great Backyard Bird Count. Now more than ever we need folks to count the birds in their yards and local parks!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I keep saying one of these days I need to help iwth the GBBC! Thanks for sharing with us!

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