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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Roadside Birding

After almost another week in Pennsylvania, I'm getting antsy to do more than watch the birds out my office window (though that is nice) or scoping out goose flocks on my way home in the evening (though I've turned up some nice sightings of Horned Larks, Brant, Cackling Goose, and Greater White-fronted Goose--all locally uncommon or rare). I'm itching for an all out bird chase.

There's a Barnacle Goose, which may be a wild bird, though most would assume its an aviary escapee, that has turned up just over an hour away down in Lancaster and Chester counties. If it is seen again, I'll try and plan a quick trip down there.

My birdlust isn't salved at all by the knowledge that this is the best winter for rare Mexican birds in south Texas in over a decade. Looks like I picked a poor time to move from Texas! Birders there are enjoying the first North American record of Social Flycatcher, several Crimson-collared Grosbeaks (which haven't been seen there in a decade), a couple White-throated Robins (ditto), a Golden-crowned Warbler (first on in a couple years), as well as several other rarities I've already seen including Green-breasted Mango, Gray-crowned Yellowthroat, and Blue Bunting.

But no more whining! There are birds to find in my own neighborhood. Maybe even something rare or new. For sure something interesting and fun. Birding isn't all about chasing rare birds--though that can be a most delectable treat!

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