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Monday, March 07, 2005

Life is Good

All is well in the world. After several lame attempts, one narrow miss, and many hours in the cold, I finally saw the Barnacle Goose at Peace Valley. While I don't usually bird on Sunday--my day for family and church--I hadn't seen much of my kids this week so decided to take them for a Sunday morning walk. To Peace Valley of course.

While the kids built rock and stick houses on the dam, I managed to see the Barnacle Goose fly out with a flock of Canada Goose about 8am. Not a great look. Not a long look. But very gratifying nevertheless!

I also saw two Greater White-fronted Goose (locally rare). I went back this morning, but the geese were already leaving the lake to forage in area fields when I got there at 6:30am. This morning there were five Canvasback (locally rare) and an American Wigeon and three Common Goldeneyes. As well as the 50,000+ Canada Goose flock leaving in groups of 50-100 every few minutes.

Nothing like a good rarity sighting and the sound of goose music to get you going in the morning!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

there is a barancle goose here where i live in north tonawanda ny. she is here every day. i took some photos of her today!

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