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Friday, July 28, 2006

Hawk with arrow

OK, this is getting rediculous. After last week's story about the ibis with an arrow in it, now comes this news of a Red-tailed Hawk with a similar injury here in Pennsylvania. What kind of poor blighted soul would get enjoyment out of shooting at a big bird with a target arrow? Hope they can catch the bird...if only to get finger prints off that arrow!

Update: The bird has been captured and is doing well in rehab (see story here)

1 comment:

ecogrrl said...

Sadly, we used to get rescues like this at our wildlife rehab all the time. We got a hawk once who'd been shot at least twice; he had so much buckshot that I'm still amazed he recovered (although he's a permanent resident at the rehab now...).

I don't know who'd do it, but apparently there are a lot of them. Kinda makes you question our status as a "higher" life form.

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