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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Mystery Birder

OK, kudos to whoever can be the first to identify this mystery birder and blogger who I met up with on my birding trip to the Tuxtlas. A field guide won't help you, but maybe surfing my blogroll will?


Anonymous said...

Laura Erickson. She went on so many trips she looked dazed when I met her!

birdchaser said...

Ah, nuthatch wins! Laura did three before dawn to after dusk field trips in a row. By the end of our day in the Tuxtlas I was almost begging to help her carry her scope, but she bravely soldiered on! She got some decent shots of some of the birds we saw, but just as she was about to digiscope a Masked Tityra, the bird flew off. Check out Laura's posts of her trip here.

Better yet, buy her book.

Anonymous said...

I'll be posting a review of her book next week. It's a winner.

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