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Monday, November 20, 2006


We're coming up on one of my favorite holidays--Thanksgiving, or better yet Turkey Day. I love that we have a holiday that features a bird as a central feature. I'm not a big fan of domesticated turkeys, but really love to watch Wild Turkeys. I haven't seen any for several months, so maybe its time to go on a turkey search.

Meanwhile, not many people know that cranberries were originally called craneberries, because their flowers look like cranes and early English settlers to North America also saw cranes feeding on the berries. We really ought to make more of these bird connections to Thanksgiving--a national day of thanks, and birding!
(photo:David Foster)

1 comment:

dguzman said...

I've seen a lot of turkeys this year in the State College area; even had an encounter (
with some near Bellefonte. I heard it's because the oaks have produced an abundance of acorns this year--that's the reason for the large number of turkeys. I haven't seen a flock smaller than say 10-12 yet. I love them too.

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