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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Birdchaser Silver Medal

Well, the 2006 Pennsylvania yard listing competition results are out, and I won second place in my division (tiny urban yard) with 53 birds. Not bad for number of birds seen from the back porch of a row house. I should have done more hawk watching, and maybe more night time migrant listening (I did get some nocturnal thrush calls that way). The yard at work won 20th place overall and 11th in the "big ole yard" category. Not to as good as I'd hoped I'd do, but I didn't get out much at work this year and was traveling a fair bit.

Haven't really started my 2007 yard list yet. Been pretty busy with some writing projects. And I'm really itching for a good rarity chase. Maybe those Pink-footed Geese in Rhode Island???

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