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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Bush and Birds

No matter what your politics, it was nice to see President Bush spend a morning watching birds and talking about bird conservation on private lands. Laura Bush is a birder, and President Bush is known to talk up the Golden-cheeked Warbler when he's in the Hill Country of Texas. Just wish he put as much into helping birds and the environment as he has put into some of his administration's other policies!
(photo:Washington Times)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for giving credit where credit is due.


Anonymous said...

I thought that was a really cool picture of our President but wish all politicians would spend more time promoting good environmental and bird conservation policies.

Mary C said...

That was a very interesting article from the Washington Times. Thanks for posting it.

Kim Simpson said...

My eyes!! My eyes!!

Anonymous said...

I teach a graduate course in natural resource policy. I used this speech as a teaching exercise to help students develop their research and analytical skills. We went through each program and found that (a) all of them pre-date this Administration (b) all of them are being starved for funding by this Administration (one of them - the Urban Bird Conservation Treaty- is entirely unfunded and (c) the only "new" thing is that Bush supports an extension of the conservation easement tax credit - which by the way is a 100% credit for ranchers and farmers and only 50% for other wealthy people who can afford to buy and donate lots of property.

birdchaser said...

Thanks, great comment. I'd like to look into it some more when I get a chance. I know that Urban Bird Conservation Treaty has been dead for years.

Susan Gets Native said...

He doesn't deserve to hold a screech owl. I noticed that the article called the SO a "brown and white" bird. Ummm, hello? That's a red phase screech.
Thank you for that picture. Now I have to go wash my brain.

Cotinis said...

Yes, I think it is good to give credit where credit is due, and of course, all politicians love to take credit for stuff previous administrations did--no surprise there.

I'm surprised nobody mentioned that GW needs to work on his ID skills--he once shot a Killdeer thinking it was a Mourning Dove--see New York Times article for instance. Perhaps he has improved since then.

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