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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Over the Top?

In my post on why cats shouldn't be allowed to roam outdoors, I took some heat for posting this image. My point was that if you really care about cats, you shouldn't want to see this happen, so you should keep your cats indoors and oppose efforts to maintain colonies of feral cats outside where they are in danger from cars, diseases, and inclement weather.

So, you tell me. Was posting this photo over the top? Or is it important to really see what is at stake in this discussion?

What do you think? Should the Birdchaser have posted this picture?
Awesome, bird wins! Feed the vultures, man!
Way to go, thank you for really showing us why we should keep cats indoors.
Maybe its true that outdoor cats risk a horrible death, but its just too gross to look at. You're an idiot for posting that.
I love cats and this just shows that you hate cats. You're an idiot for posting that.
I don't care about the photo. You're an idiot!
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1 comment:

John said...

It's funny, about the same time you posted your roadkill kitty photo I took a very similar picture of a Black Vulture on a road killed raccoon. I thought about posting it but decided against, because although I thought it was a cool picture (that's life-yeck!) I figured other people would think it was disgustingly gross. But then you had a valid point to make by posting your picture, where I would have just been perpetrating a gross out. So the issue wasn't quite the same. Personally I think you made the right decision to post your picture, just as I was probably right not to post mine.

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