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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Jack Snipe in Oregon

It was recently announced on the Oregon Birders On Line listserv that a hunter in Oregon shot two Jack Snipe, one this past month and another a few years ago, and has photos to verify it (see report and photos here). This is a bird reported fewer than 10 times before in North America, and never from Oregon. The more common Wilson's Snipe are fairly easy to overlook, and hardly anyone goes out looking for vagrant snipe--so hard to know how many are getting by. But that one hunter at one location over a couple years can bag two makes you think there has to be many more out there...somewhere!

If you've never even heard of a Jack Snipe before, you can see some online here.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There has been a Jack Snipe in my backyard for the past 7 hours.

Mary Anne Enns
Lacey, Washington

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