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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Fun Bird Game

To help us promote the Great Backyard Bird Count, Audubon has created a fun new online bird game--Eagle Eyes. Test how observant you are, and see how your observational skills stack up against those of your friends!

For the sake of full disclosure, on my first time through the game (with 30 seconds per photo) I got 20/25 to score as a FLEDGLING!

Can you do better than that?

Click here to find out!


Patrick B. said...

I tried it with the 10 sec. time limit and it was tough. With no time limit, I didn't do so well either. Then I realized that the differences were in more than just the birds and people. I still can't figure out the last one on the Green Heron.

birdchaser said...

My kids figured it out, but it took them awhile!

John B. said...

The first time through (with 30 sec limit) I got 12. I still didn't get all of them with no time limit, though I did get all the green heron differences.

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