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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ottoman Bird Houses

Do they not abserve the birds above them, soaring and beating their wings? None can uphold them except God most gracious: Truly it is He who watches over all things.
—The Qur'an, Sura 67 ("Dominion"), Verse 19

In addition to algebra and much of the sciences, Islamic civilization helped bring something else we enjoy to the West--birdhouses!

From at least the 13th Century, Ottoman architecture featured ornate multi-compartment birdhouses on their buildings. Much more sophisticated than the later Western bird bottles that early colonists brought to the Americas, these birdhouses have a long and storied history. See also this article, concluding with this poem:
Bird Houses
The outer walls of houses should be bird houses
That take wing when children laugh.
Even if it’s winter outside,
The summer sun should rise inside the walls
And happiness will also warm the birds.

--Mehmet Zaman Sacliolu

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