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Saturday, February 14, 2009

GBBC from the White House?

(Note bins and window feeder at lower left?)

Not sure what to make of this Great Backyard Bird Count report from a email...

Location: 20006, Washington, D.C.
Observation Date: 14 February 2009
Number of Species: 5

Lovebirds 2
Little Sweeties 2
Deficit Hawks 5
Peace Doves 25
Jailbirds 0

OK, maybe President Obama is too busy trying to fix the economy to do the Great Backyard Bird Count. But what's your excuse?

Go to the window right now. Note the birds you see for the next 15 minutes. Go to and report them. Easy as pie. Even if all you can see is a crow or a pigeon, you can report that, and in doing so, be entered to win some of our great prizes.

And if you are really ambitious, put on your coat and go outside for a nice walk with your friends, family, or valentine. Note the birds that you see. Report at

Have fun out there. And President Obama, you and your kids are welcome to join us for the count anytime!

Jefferson, Roosevelt (both), and Carter were all birders. When will we get our first real GBBC bird count from the White House?


Laura Erickson said...

The two Roosevelts were the only presidents to belong to the AOU.

Dawn Fine said...

Ok I am thinking I might do this...I have never done it before...we are traveling and now in Florida near Port Saint Joe...and as we look out the window of our motorhome i see and Island filled with white and brown pelicans, herons and egrets. Am I allowed to use a scope to count?
Thanks...good luck with your count.

birdchaser said...

Just do it dAwN!

Dawn Fine said...

Ok..what about the scope? allowed or not?

birdchaser said...

For sure. You can count anything you can see or even just hear!

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