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Friday, December 03, 2010

Field Guide to Cartoon Birds

Here's a page from my upcoming Field Guide to Cartoon Birds. This book will revolutionize birdwatching by including the most commonly seen birds in America, no matter what network or original format. Stay tuned for more news as we get closer to a release date!


Elizabeth said...

This would have been great for my Trademark class in law school!

Birding is Fun! said...

Love it!

Dawn Fine said...

Hee hee..what will you come up with next?

Jason Kessler said...

Will there be range maps?

Hilke Breder said...

You made me smile. I will probably encounter many old childhood friends and some new ones. Will be sure to send a link to my nieces and nephews so they can participate in my passion for birds in which they show little interest right now.c

Unknown said...

I'll be interested in seeing all the variations of Woody Woodpecker!!

Be sure and remember the owls from Bambi and The Fox & The Hound.

Chicken Run???

This could be quite a guide!!!

Pat ODonnell said...

That is hilarious- thanks for making me laugh.

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