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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Yard Bird List Rankings

eBird now has the ability to track and compare yard bird lists. As you can see, I'm currently ranked 13th in the state of Pennsylvania. Not bad for a 18 foot wide row home lot. Time to do more birding from my back porch--and prepare to ID nocturnal migrant call notes when the birds head north again in a few months (my best chance to significantly boost this list since I've got almost no yard to speak of).

So start tracking the birds you see in your yard on eBird. You could be a winner!


Amy said...

I'm intrigued by this new listing feature! I haven't bothered with it right now, though... hope to have a brand new yard within the next few months. :)

Linda said...

Rob -- the freaky thing is that I am tied with you at #13 for PA!

birdchaser said...

Oh yeah? That's it, I'm going outside right now to...wait, it's less than 20 degrees out there! Best wait till later. Race to 100?

müzik said...

good race to 100:)

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