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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Birds on Mars?

NASA image S13-01480 (original above, colorized below)

Some people see this as a giant geoglyph--a carving of a parrot--on the surface of the Argyre Planitia area of Mars. Proof of previous life on Mars, or just wishful thinking? Before dismissing their hypothesis outright, check out the serious work of the Cydonia Institute which is exploring this formation as well as other similar ones on Mars.

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George J. Haas said...

Note: if you follow the link to the NASA image S13-01480 - the image is presented in it's raw format (note all the noise and lines) and is inverted (up-side down).

The source for the image posted on the Birdchaser Blog is courtesy of The Cydonia Institute and was processed by NASA digital-imaging specialist Keith Laney.

George J. Haas
The Cydonia Institute

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