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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Angry Birds is Evil

Angry Birds is Evil. With an uppercase E! According to Wikipedia, over 50 million people have downloaded this game, and globally people are spending 1 million hours a day playing it! That's a lot of time that could be better spent birding! Or saving starving children! Or something!

While I'm all for promoting birds, this is a bit crazy. If you don't know what Angry Birds is, just walk away now. Don't Google it. Don't download it onto your phone. If you want bird entertainment, put the phone down and go outside to look at real birds. Angry Birds is Evil I say! Evil!

(Yes, I did download it onto my Android phone. No, I will not play it an hour a day. But it's seriously calling my name!)


Jenny said...

I agree. It bugs me.

Birdchick posted this a bit ago. Might amuse you a bit.

Unknown said...

Just this week in my office people were talking about how addicting it is. I have seen kids playing in on iPhones and iPads during church.

Anonymous said...

A thought(s):
While a fun novelty for a distracted and uneasy world, Angry Birds also undermines birds. Birds aren't angry and any item/effort that suggests or promotes the notion is not a friend to our feathered pals.

In a similar vein is Twitter, which also undermines the intelligence contained in a real bird tweet, vs. a "Tweet" which is typically cryptic, inane, sel-interested and self-important pablum. Beautiful or songful?

Birds are highly developed and communicate volumes in their tweets, calls, songs and sounds.

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