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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Spruce Run Snow Buntings

Had to take my car for a spin after getting it back from the shop (still trying to get it to pass NJ inspections) and ran into ten of these great birds at the Spruce Run Reservoir boat launch parking lot.  I haven't seen many Snow Buntings over the years, so nice to get reacquainted.  At first the birds flew in and were resting in the shade, then they flew out into the open gravel parking lot. Photos shot with my HTC Incredible Android phone through my old Zeiss 7x42s.  

No other real surprises, other than these beauties it was a slow morning taking longer than expected to get my 20 Bird MDR, but any day with Snow Buntings is a good day in my book.


Unknown said...

Nice! Those darn Snow Buntings have been nemesis birds for me. I know they get them here in Utah in the winter, so I'm hopeful that I'll find them and break the curse this season.

Mike L said...

I have stopped by the boat lunch a number of times of the years looking for the Snow Buntings without success. I am glad to know they are really there. :)

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