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Saturday, February 09, 2013

Review--Birders: The Central Park Effect

I just spent a very enjoyable hour watching Birders: The Central Park Effect.  This documentary film features a year in the life of the park, birds and the birders that watch them.  This is another great film to show your non-birding friends.  I had a big smile on my face as I saw over 100 bird friends, as well as birders in their natural habitat!  The film really does capture the beauty of birds, as well as the spirit of birding.  

If you are a Central Park birder, you will see people that you know.  This film spends a good deal of time walking around with Starr Saphir--a legendary Central Park birder who was in the advanced stages of breast cancer while this film was shot, and who actually passed away this week at the age of 73.  The film is a great tribute to her as well as the other NYC birders who make Central Park their home.

I look forward to seeing the extra features in the DVD, including extended interviews with Jonathan Franzen and others, as this review was based on a preview copy (without extra features) sent to me by Music Box Films.  So get the DVD and enjoy an hour celebrating the joy of birds and birding in an iconic setting.

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