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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2015 Backyard Big Year

Join me in 2015 for a hard-core birding adventure right in my own backyard!

For 2015 I'm bringing hard core birding home in an all-out, high tech blitz to see how many birds I can detecting in my yard during the year.  I'll be watching the sky for flyovers, recording at night with a microphone to catch the birds migrating over the yard, and will have trail cams set up to detect birds trying to sneak a drink out of my water features.

I'm really excited about this Backyard Big Year and have created a Backyard Big Year blog just to keep up with all the birds and birding that will be involved.  I'll post highlights here, but otherwise for 2015 my Birdchaser blog here will focus on my other birding adventures as well as equipment and book reviews.

So look forward to seeing you over at the Backyard Big Year blog or on the Backyard Big Year Facebook page.  We're going to learn a lot about how to see more birds in your yard, so it won't just be about me and my backyard adventure.  I'll be exploring the cutting edge of bird detection, identification, and birding technologies.

It's going to be great!  See you there!


Russell Arben Fox said...

Good luck with this, Rob! I recently watched the Steve Martin movie The Big Year, and while it was a comedy that I'm sure wasn't remotely similar to your aims, it gave me a sense of the excitement you birders must feel as you contemplate such a huge undertaking.

birdchaser said...

Thanks Russell, it is a lot of fun and exciting. Like most games, birding games are a created to provide a challenge. In this case, limiting mobility creates a huge challenge--you can't just go to where you think the birds are, you have to try and intercept them if and when they come within view of your yard. There will be moments of excitement as well as boredom I'm sure! But we'll focus on the excitement for now :-)

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