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Thursday, May 18, 2017

2017 Project 25/50/100/200

A little game I'm playing this year is to see if I can take identifiable photographs of:
25 Mammals
50 Reptiles or Amphibians
100 Moths
200 Birds

So far I'm doing terrible on Reptiles and Amphibians, have no moths, and 98 birds.  I've been posting most of my photos on Facebook, but will start doing updates here as well.

Today I spent half an hour in the yard trying to photograph, without a lot of success, several of my yard birds.

Better photos desired, but at least the following are (almost) identifiable:

Nesting at the golf course across the road, 2017 Bird#94 Baltimore Oriole
Home, Wallingford, PA

2017 Bird#98 Chipping Sparrow in the driveway
Home, Wallingford, PA

So hard to photograph with a bridge camera--2017 Bird#96 Chimney Swift
Home, Wallingford, PA

2017 Bird#97  Carolina Chickadee
Home, Wallingford, PA

Thanks to my friend Bob Ferguson for the inspiration for this game this year.  He's playing a similar game, with higher totals (and no moths).

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