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Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day Turkey Search

Well, we officially dipped on Wild Turkey on our annual Thanksgiving Day turkey search, making us 3 for 5 now. I did get to go out with my kids and my Father-in-Law and a Sister-in-Law for a couple hours, but the turkeys were nowhere to be found. Best bird of the morning was probably a young Snow Goose mixed in with the Canada Goose flock at Lake Towhee. A fun morning of driving slowly around a few Upper Bucks County areas near Lake Nockamixon, but sadly, no Wild Turkeys!


Anonymous said...

Sorry Ben's preferred bird eluded you.
What's the winter raptor population look like in your haunts?

Anonymous said...

We have a group of 19 wild turkeys that come running up the driveway twice a day. They eat the seed knocked out of the birdfeeders. The last few years we have had one or two flocks that come here every day without fail until the Spring when they disappear into the woods to mate and raise their young.

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