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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Twas the Night Before the GBBC

Tomorrow is the big day. We've got our team of regional reviewers ready to verify unusual sightings in each state and province before they are added to the database. Last minute emails are answered, and hopefully, everyone is getting to bed early and anxiously waiting for the stroke of midnight, so they can run out and start counting birds!

OK, its not Super Bowl Sunday or New Years, but it is pretty exciting. I'll be at the office all weekend, answering emails and phone calls, mostly trying to help out the computer and bird ID challenged. Even more than a bird census, the GBBC is an educational tool! And I love helping people figure out what birds are actually in their yard.

Make sure to check out the GBBC website for the latest real-time species totals for your state and hometown. And make sure to add your own bird sightings this weekend. Even if its only a few birds coming to your backyard feeder. Every sighting counts, and helps us better understand the distribution of birds across the continent.

Yes, its going to be a busy weekend for me. And as if it wasn't going to be busy enough, I closed on a house this afternoon, and have friends and family coming into town to start getting it ready for us to move into later next week! Nothing like painting and home repairs to keep you from going insane after a long day at the office.

Stay tuned here for daily reports from the Belly of the GBBC Beast, and go out and count some birds!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the house!!! I'm so glad to hear that's working out for you guys!

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