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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Black and White

For me, black and white usually refers to a species of warbler. But after being profiled on The Cafes User Interface (thanks, I guess) and getting a couple comments from friends about how hard it is to read white text on a black background, I've switched to this black on white format. For now. It looks pretty boring, so I'm in the market for a new look. Feel free to comment or send suggestions on a new template. For now, here's hoping I'm easier to read.


Chef Messy said...

I like it. Nice bird too.

Anonymous said...

Your site has a nice clean look now--I like it. My blog is white type on a black background--but having seen this.... One thing though, a complaint I have about many blogs--why type so small??

Patrick B. said...

I read once that white text on a black background is actually easier to read when you're looking at a powerpoint slide. I guess that same rule doesn't apply to web sites. I think it looks good.

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