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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Red-necked Grebe

A single Red-necked Grebe, a rare migrant here in SE Pennsylvania, was found at Peace Valley last week and was still present this morning when I stopped by on my way to work, floating in the middle of the lake with three Ruddy Duck and two Bufflehead. There are so many white-tailed deer in the park that they have really hammered the understory of the forest--making it easy for me to see three Wild Turkeys running through the woods as I drove out of the park this morning. I love to see turkeys run--its a wild spectacle that sends a chill down my spine!


Larry said...

There was an article in the paper talking about how there has been a recent decline in the Turkey population in Connecticut.-How have the Turkeys been doing in Pennsylvania?

dguzman said...

I love watching a lot of animals run! Cows are especially hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Love the Red-necked Grebe photo but I REALLY love that you found my favorite "Ruddy Duck"!! Wish there were many more of these guys flying around!

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