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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Do you like kitty poop?

In your sandbox? How about at your beach, the biggest sandbox of them all? Apparently, Cape May, NJ still wants you to come visit their beaches even if they let feral cats roam there.

Federal and state officials want the city to remove feral cats from the beaches, as they can threaten endangered Piping Plovers. City council is balking. To me the answer is easy, and doesn't have to have anything to do with birds.

Just ask yourself this question:
How would you like to find kitty poop in the sand next time you go to the beach?

Cape May, all I can say is EW YUCK!


Patrick B. said...

That's a Cape May diamond I don't want to find... What the heck is up with Cape May???

Is that poop photo supposed to look like an arrow?

Owlman said...


birdchaser said...

Hey Owlman, I think that's supposed to be MEEE-EW!

birdchaser said...

Patrick, I hadn't noticed that! Cat poop, pointing the way tell me. I have no idea. Don't think I really wanna know!

Owlman said...

There's definitely a message in there somewhere. The way Corzine's governing this state cat poop is the least of our worries. You two are lucky in that you can enjoy the birding and then head back to 'normal' states, governed by midly sane people.

Bird Advocate said...

Cat poo...

In the case of the 'Alala of Hawaii...
They were found to be able to survive pox and malaria infections, but the populations were still dying.

The team outfitted the birds with radio transmitters that came equipped with a mortality signal so that they could do post-mortem exams, which revealed that the birds had toxoplasmosis from Toxoplasma gondii. The disease vector was found to be feral cats—the crows would forage in the cats' feces, even treating the feces as a food item.

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