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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Yucatan Bird Festival

Here's a chance for some birding fun in the sun, as well as a way to help our friends (both birds and people) south of the border. More details at


Ellen said...

Rob - thanks so much for posting this information. I would also like your readers (fans!) to know that the organizers of the festival tell us that if they don't get a good showing this year, the government probably won't support them next year. So this is a good time for birders to show just how much economic impact they can have...prove the statistics and folklore are right! I know it is asking a lot, but make the sacrifice - go birding in the Yucatan this November! And it is ideal for nonbirding partners - culture (tons of ruins), shopping, and food in this area - near Merida - are all fantastic and prices are very low.

Rick Wright said...

Dear Rob,
Are you going? Wish I were, but it won't fit in this year!


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