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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Quiet, too quiet

I'm really noticing a slowdown in bird song this past week. I was really straining to hear my needed 20 birds on my drive into the office today. For the first time on my drive this summer, I saw a Chipping Sparrow today before I heard it. Its fun to see bird activity change through the seasons. But you really do miss the bird songs when they start slowing down!


slybird said...

Shorebirds are already migrating through. It's definitely fall. :)

dguzman said...

They're definitely more quiet around Centre County too, Rob. However, the goldfinches are potato-chipping all over the place. Lately I haven't heard much more than the goldfinches, Carolina wrens, and chipping sparrows' trilling.

I'm wondering if we'll see any shorebirds around here. I saw a peep (sandpiper, maybe solitary?) last year on the marsh behind my house.

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