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Saturday, January 03, 2009

MEGA ALERT: Pine Flycatcher in Texas

A Pine Flycatcher is being seen in Texas. This will be the first record of this species for North America north of Mexico. Too bad I'm not in Austin anymore!


J. "Kyron" Hanson said...

PINE FLYCATCHER! Hope to get down there tomorrow. Thx Rob. I hope a Hoopoe shows up in eastern PA soon.

Anonymous said...

THAT would be a great start to someone's Big Year.

Anonymous said...

We saw the Pine Flycather 4 times in December in Cedar Park, Texas. That is 100+ miles North of the sighting in Choke Canyon.

The bird would perch on a Live Oak tree and peck at his reflection in an upstairs bathroom window.

We tried to identify him in our bird book of North America, but it isn't listed. Then yesterday's AP article was in our local paper and there he was.

Mike Sandifer
Cedar Park, Texas

Unknown said...

I've had these guys in my yard 3 years running. I never knew what they were before... could never seem to find them in my paltry bird book (I'm not a birder). But, I just saw the news about them being "spotted for the first time." They seem to be the only ones to hit my plate glass window -- that's how I know they're here.

C. Cuba
Katy, TX

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