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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Bar-headed Goose

Snapped a photo of this beauty yesterday in Hofgarten park in Düsseldorf. It's a Central Asian bird, and since this is Western Europe, it's just an escapee--not countable by most birding standards. But a beauty nonetheless. Düsseldorf is crawling with exotic birds--I see Rose-ringed Parakeets from India almost as often as the native House Sparrows. A pair of feral Ruddy Shelducks cruise up and down the Rhine near here, and I see Canada Goose and Egyptian Goose almost every day. On the other hand, and ironic I think, I have yet to see a European Starling here, while back in PA they are a dime a dozen.


Rick Wright said...

Yes, it's always struck me how much Common Starling is a country bird in western Europe. The cities have to make do with Black Redstarts and Serins, alas

birdchaser said...

Update: Just looking at this and checking, considered naturalized in eBird so just added it to my list!

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