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Friday, April 24, 2009

Forensic Bird Photo ID Challenge

So here's the challenge: A) find the bird, B) tell me what it is.

At least as good as published photos of 21st Century Ivory-billed Woodpeckers!

Botched digibin'd shot through my 7X42s. Bird took off before I could set the zoom on my digital camera and get another shot.


Kirk said...

on a rock under the leaf. And I think it is a waterthrush. Maybe.I don't dare narrow it down any farther.
But like I said, maybe.

noflickster said...

I see the same thing Kirk described (under the leaf, perched on the rock). Appears to be a small, wren-like bird perched on a rock in a rushing stream with a white throat, dark body. My guess, er, my fastidious deduction, is a White-throated Dipper.

Dave said...

I see an Ivory-billed Woodpecker! Holy Cow...not really, I see water...

Hope Batcheller said...

On the top left of the rock...Louisiana Waterthrush.

birdchaser said...

OK, context is everything. Most got the water. That with the fact that I was in Europe (and even had a tweet about it on the blog sidebar) should have give another hint. The white blog on the rock is a Dipper. The bird is face on in this shot, and you can barely see the chestnut upperparts and the dark on the face. Cheers!

birdchaser said...

Make that a blob, not a blog!

Dawn Fine said...

it is a bird..maybe...maybe not
at any rate..its a really bad photo...LOL

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