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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

40 Days and Nights in the Bird Blogging Wilderness?

It has been two weeks since Audubon let me go, and almost as long since I've posted anything. Enjoyed a trip to Austin with my family, including an afternoon of birding and catching turtles, frogs, and lizards at Hornsby Bend.

Pondering the future of The Birdchaser, and bird bloggining in general. I first started this blog when I found out I hired by Audubon and would be moving to Pennsylvania for the job. The idea was to use the blog as another motivator to keep myself out in the field as much as possible while holding down a "real" job :-)

The bird blogging world has changed a lot in the meantime. Now it is almost more of a photo journalism medium. Blogging has created new birding celebrities. Many blogs have come and go. Few attract a large regular audience.

So I'm taking a sort of quiet time right now, a sort of 40 day fast, to think about where we are headed with all this bird blogging, and where I see myself fitting in.

Any thoughts about the future of The Birdchaser are welcome. Meanwhile, I've got birding trips to Hawaii and Alaska lined up for most of June. Have fun out there!


Clare said...

Well I, for one, enjoy visiting The Birdchaser, and your writing. I hope you keep blogging, and if birding trips to Hawaii and Alaska don't give you enough to write about I don't know what would.

Take your break, but come back and continue on with the Birdchaser.

Bird Advocate said...

You have a number of fans of your writing, and while I'm sorry to hear you're no longer with Audubon, this hiatus may open more doors for you.
I've read a number of your blogs about the conservation of our fauna and consider you an excellent spokesman on the problem of domestic pets, cats in particular, being abandoned and re-abandoned into the wild.
You probably know better than I whether some of our major nature organizations could be weakened by the number of cat fanciers among their members.
My personal main agenda is the effective removal of domestic pet species as a threat to our diminishing wildlife. I will continue to look forward to your blogs on this subject.

Its Time to Live said...

If you require the services of a photographer to document your birding trips to Hawaii and Alaska I am available for the task. Transportation, room and board covered of course! Don't give up blogging, it gives purpose. And, I am just kidding about the photo services. I enjoy photo blogs as well as the informative word blogs. Thanks

Elisa said...

I really enjoyed reading your articles and looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

Ellen said...

One of the many reasons I return to your blog long after I've tired of the others is that you really focus on birds. Bloggers tend to roam around every topic that comes to mind. They feel obligated to blog even if they have nothing to say. They pretend to a degree of knowledge and authority that they don't really have. Yours is honest and on-topic and you really share the joy of birds. Hope you come back.

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