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Friday, May 01, 2009

Rhymes with Bird

For your blogging/poetry needs, from one online source:

blurred, burd, byrd, curd, ferd, gerd, gird, gjerde, heard, herd, hird, hurd, jerde, kurd, leard, nerd, slurred, spurred, stirred, third, word

Missing of course: a slang term for feces. And what about purred?

Any others?


birdchaser said...


John B. said...

If one goes beyond one syllable, there's preferred, occurred, referred, demurred, etc.

Dave said...

I stick with Nerd. My son has named me The Burd Nurd!

Mary Ellen said...

Hmmm. You titled a recent post "Great Tits," yet balk at listing a slang term for feces even though it rhymes? Giggle, snort.

Kevin M said...

How about "whirred"?

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