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Saturday, September 05, 2009

When is an NBS really an NBS?

Today while canoeing with the family, my NBS (non-birding spouse) said "is that a sandpiper over there?" and sure enough it was a Spotted Sandpiper bouncing along on a a log. So if she can identify a sandpiper, is she really still an NBS? Or do I have to break the news to her that she is really a birder now?


Carol said...

She's a birder! My husband and I rode through a wildlife refuge here in FL, with another couple...they wanted to show us all the migrating ducks...his response.."I am now officially retired...I'm birdwatching".

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my wife...not a birder who is going to tromp along a marsh side trail, or up along a ridge...but for my sake, I think, takes a passing interest, learning about and able to identify the larger and more common birds...asking me at least once a week to try and identify a bird she saw as she descirbes it to me...she wouldn't see herself as a birder but perhaps she really the least she is birder friendly which is a good thing!

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