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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Bad Photos of Good Birds: Northern Shrike

On Sunday Kirk and Lois Moulton of North Wales found a Northern Shrike west of Quakertown on the Christmas Bird Count. Since it has been two years since I've seen one of these guys, and never in Pennsylvania, I went up to look for it during lunchtime yesterday. I didn't see it, but then it showed up again later that afternoon. So this morning I headed up first thing to see if I could find it.

When I pulled up, Mike Lyman was looking for it in the trees on the edge of a huge soybean field. It wasn't near the road, but he finally spotted it down at the other end of the field. I couldn't see it from the road, so I asked at the nearby farm house and got permission to walk back and look for it.

I've been skunked by this bird several times in the last few years, so it was very gratifying to finally see one in the state. I was able to grab a few photos with my Canon Powershot through my Zeiss 7x42s. So, until I fork out thousands of dollars for either a new scope or a big photo setup, here's the best I could do shooting through my handheld bins.

Great to put my recent string of bad chasing luck behind me!


Amy said...

Nice sighting! I saw one recently, too. :)

Jason Kessler said...

Not bad at ALL for a point-and-shoot held up to some sevens!

WalkWithMe said...

They're pretty common here in Thibodaux, LA. Come down and check them out, otherwise here's a pretty good photo I took last week.

Nelson said...

Rob- why don't you focus on me subtitle- How to find, observe , and identify goshawks. More to the point - how many Goshawks did you and Mr. Gill observe- let us say, in Houston, Coastal Bend Texas (fron Rockport Northward; How about Tyler, Galveston, and Livingston. Your friend Mr. Gill knows how to identify Goshawks, but he does not know Goshawks- there is a difference. Sorry to shake you up, but you need to have your mind opened -up.

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