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Friday, January 15, 2010

Where's the Bird?

Headed over to Peace Valley this morning to see what was at the lake. Now mostly frozen, the only birds were half a mile away near a small open patch.

That darker gray smudge in the middle is a Lesser Black-backed Gull surrounded by Ring-billed Gulls. Not much to look at? Yeah, that's why I headed over to the bird blind at the nature center.

It first looked pretty quiet at the feeders. Can you see the bird?

Maybe this helps...

How about now?

This Eastern Screech-Owl was sunning itself in the entrance hole of the Wood Duck box by the frozen pond. He seemed content until a couple of noisy Blue Jays flew in. Then he was gone...

There actually was quite a bit of activity at the feeders. Until this Sharp-shinned Hawk showed up.

But soon enough, the hawk was gone. The owl came back out. And life was good for the little things. Such is life at Peace Valley.

(All photos digibined with Zeiss 7x42 BTs and a Canon PowerShot SD780 IS)

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