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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

New Bird Gig

So I've started a new gig as a consulting ornithologist for Bird-B-Gone, a leading bird pest control company out of California. I'll be answering emails from people with bird problems, or just bird questions. Also writing monthly articles on bird behavior and biology for the Bird-B-Gone website.

So how can a birder and bird conservationist work for a company that specializes in getting rid of birds?

Easy! It's all about birds and people, and getting people comfortable with the birds in their surroundings. Or if there is a real conflict, solving it in a way that doesn't harm the birds and moves them to somewhere they can better thrive.

I love birds. I love people. I want them to get along. Helping people with their local bird issues is just part of the picture. Part of keeping the ecological peace!


Birding is Fun! said...

Sounds like a good fit. Best wishes and happy birding!

Mikael Behrens said...

Sounds exciting! Remember the parking lots in Austin with the tapes of screechy predator sounds to try and scare away the grackles? Do those work?

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