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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Utah Glossy Ibis

This morning at 9am I had a Glossy Ibis south of Benson in Cache Co. This is perhaps the 11th report (6 accepted by the Utah Bird Records Committee) from the state, all since 2006.

Bird was in flooded field on west side of 3200 West .8 miles north of 500 North.

Bird was with 6 White-faced Ibis. I was able to clearly see the dark facial skin outlined with light blue ridges above and below. No white on the chestnut face. Brown eye. Dark grayish legs (didn't notice pinkish joints--was focused more on face and then trying to get set up to take some pictures). Appeared slightly bulkier or heavier in direct comparison with White-faced Ibis.

Observed at about 50 yards for one minute through 7x42 Zeiss bins, then over two minutes in 20x60 Bausch & Lomb scope. I was getting set up for digiscoping when bird flew west. It was not back by 9:30am when I came back to check the field again.


Rick Wright said...

Nice! Don't you wonder how many are really out there? Somebody told me once that the ratio in CO is now down to 80:1 White-faced : Glossy.

Kandice said...

I dont' know if you check this...I see your sighting was last year (2010)

I live in Vernal in Uintah County .

I was raised to love and appreciate birds....and living in Vernal we have a wide abundance of hawks, eagles, owls, crane varieties, etc.

Especially in Spring and Fall we get to see a wide abundance!

I am going this afternoon to get a picture of a flock--yes I said a flock-- of glossy ibis down the street from me in a marsh. They have been nesting there for over a week now.

I wasn't quite sure if my eyes were playing tricks on me or not, but my hunches were confirmed that the glossy ibis was indeed what I was seeing by other bird lovers. I would love to send you a picture, and also to know who in Utah to notify of this rare sighting!!!

What is your email?

Barbara R. said...

Rick, I am interested in the Glossy Ibis and whether it's a new bird to Utah (migrating up from Texas and environs) or if Glossy Ibis might have lived in the Salt Lake Valley in the 1800's.

My question: is the white-faced ibis the only ibis one would have seen back in 1870?

Thanks, great shot!

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