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Friday, July 16, 2010

Flammulated Owls

Last week we were in Utah and I met up with birding buddy Bill Fenimore from Layton to go out and find Flammulated Owls (photo here). Last time I tried with him it was too late in the season, and all we found were Western Screech Owls in Ogden and flying squirrels up the canyon. This time I had the Junior Birdchasers with me, along with their cousins. The Junior Birdchasers are always good luck, so I figured it would be easy.

We met up with Bill at the mouth of Weber Canyon and headed up the back side of the mountain before dark to scope out some nice roadside aspen groves. At dusk we started playing a tape and sure enough we heard a Flammulated Owl reply within five minutes. Unfortunately we couldn't see the bird, so we headed up to the next spot a couple miles along the road.

At the second spot we heard two birds and quickly had one come in right beside the road. Everybody got fantastic looks at this tiny little moth-eating owl that few people get to see unless they make the effort to go out looking for them.

Bill did a great job and my kids got a great look. My kids are still talking about it and will for a long time, I'm sure!

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