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Friday, February 24, 2012

Apparent Snow x Canada Goose Hybrids


Yesterday I got a couple of shots of these apparent Snow x Canada Goose Hybrids at Assiscong Marsh, Hunterdon County, New Jersey.  Note the body very much like Canada, but with brown chest with white head and neck, shorter thicker neck than Canada Goose.  Bill was pinkish with black base, tip and gape.


Jenny said...

I know this isn't probably that crazy, unusual. But I find it to be freaky!

Scott Namestnik said...

I agree. I will say, though, that I've never found Canada Goose to be a very attractive bird, but the hybrid is a good looking goose!

In the bottom photo, is that a Cackling Goose to the right of and behind the hybrid, or is its head just turned at an angle that makes the bill look shorter and stubbier?

birdchaser said...

Scott, hard to tell for sure but I think it's just a Canada with a very relaxed short necked posture and head slightly turned. It shows up in a couple of photos as short necked, but not particularly small in other ways. But they can be tougher to pick out sometimes.

Laurence Butler said...

Wow! I thought that sort of thing was illegal? Very cool. Nice observation!

sarah said...

Has the flight patterns of the bird species changed due the unusual weather this year?

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